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You can also use any of the the current versions of WindPlot (7.19-7.29) we have made for Vista on Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Try NOT to let the computer do any updates but do not stop them once they start. Pull the internet cable out as soon as you get Windows registered with Microsoft. Turn Windows Updating service off as soon as you can. Be sure to install the 8.1 keydrivers if you have key#'s less than 8000. If you have Winows 10 (excluding the PRO version then we suggest you go to a computer store and have them disable the WiFi and change the IP to a static address so it can't update itself.
NOTE: We found that most memory sticks will store no more than 65000 files so those with over 32000 track files should beware that all of your tracks may not be saving to a memory stick.


Please turn off User Account Control (AUC)/Down (and leave it off) BEFORE installing any P-Sea Software program or drivers.
Windows 7 instructions (UAC OFF) Click here

Windows 8 search SETTINGS for UAC then move lever down to NEVER NOTIFY
For Vista:
Click Windows Start button to get the start menu.
Then click on you user icon at the top of the start menu (as done on the Windows 7 instructions above).
Then uncheck the USER ACCOUNT CONTROL (UAC)to help protect your computer.
Then click OK button and restart your computer and proceed to install your program.
What about Window 10? Click here to find out.

P-Sea Software Full Install 7.29 Downloads

NOTE: P-SEA FishFiner USERS may need new activation code

WindPlot users NOTE: Check your current version, if you are running 6.77 or older then you will need to purchase an upgrade CODE in order to use any of the latest software downloads that are listed below. All programs below are compatible with Windows 7 & 8, 10, Vista, XP, 2000pro and 98se. Shut down all programs before installing any software

NOTE 2:If you recently (re)installed WindPlot and just can't get the COM ports to see the GPS data try using the COM PORT TEST programs in Windows program list in the P-SEA WINDPLOT group. If it works there then check the Use Old COM driver check box in the WindPlot CHG.COM PORTS/TIME menu.

NOTE 3:If you get registry error messages after installing any WindPlot then copy a file called "WpRegALL.BAT" from "C:\WpInstall" to "C:\Windows\SysWow64". Then at the Windows Search type in "COMMAND" and look for "COMMAND PROMPT" and Right-click on it and choose "RUN AS ADMINSTRATOR" and you should get a black window. Type in "CD\WINDOWS\SYSOW64" and press enter. Now enter "WPREGALL" and press enter. After a bunch of registers go by then try WindPlot again.

If the program locks up while "Checking charts" is on then delete the IM31BSB.DIL file from your PC-PLOTT program directory and try it again.

Close any programs you have running.

wp729MAX.exe (Most common) P-Sea WindPlot MAX (C-Map compatible) 7.29.7 2/2/2016 full install.

wp3D729MAX.exe P-Sea WindPlot 3D MAX (C-Map compatible) 7.29.8 2/10/2016 full install.

wp729.exe P-Sea WindPlot II (Navionics compatible) 7.29.7 2/2/2016 full install.

wp729_3D.exe P-Sea WindPlot II 3D (Navionics compatible) 7.29.7 2/2/2016 full install.

wv729MAX.exe P-Sea WindView MAX 7.29.6 1/28/2016 full install.

WV729_3DMAX.exe P-Sea WindView MAX 3D (C-Map compatible) 7.29/6 1/15/2016 full install.

wv729_3D.exe P-Sea WindView II 3D (Navionics compatibl) 7.29/6 1/15/2016 full install.

wv729.exe P-Sea WindView II (Navionics) 7.29.6 1/15/2016 full install.

RadarPC729.exe P-Sea Stand-Alone program Ver.7.29.4 7/15/2015 full install (Will run 20 minutes w/o key).

Update Download Quick update: version 7.28 or better should aleady be installed. Includes new 7.31 version with AIS on/off tool bar button and GPX mark export fixed. Fixed the USE AIS LL check box rechecking itsef.

FISHBOUNDARYSHPFILES.exe NOAA SHAPE files containing all MPA's for the USA in a self-extracting program. Just run by clicking on UNZIP after completing the download and it will be intstalled in the proper folder for the P-Sea MPA Importer program. Instructions not complete yet.

NewFeatures729a.pdf Verion 7.29 features and discription on how to work the P-Sea MPA Importer.

USBMMR2_Driver_Setup.exe P-Sea WindPlot MAX USB/Card Reader driver install
(Required if using USB C-Map Card Reader: Download to desktop and then double-click to start).

WpRegAll.exe P-Sea WindPlot II/MAX self-regiser bat file
After download-use COMMAND to navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and exicute WPREGALL
If when you first run the program and you get a message that says the IM31BSB.DIL file is out of date and you can not find it then run this file to correct it. BSB_UPDATE.EXE

Known Working USB to Serial Adaptors for Windows 8, 7 and Vista

Tripp-Lite model U209-000-R, Cool Gear,I/O Gear (With updated driver) and Key Span. - NOTE: If ANY USB to serial device ever installs on any COM number less than 5 then change it to a higher number like 9 or you may get computer lockups or blue screens. You can change the COM number using windows device manager, locate PORTS then locate the COM port, right click & choose properties, click settings and advanced button.
Note:Radio Shack's USB adaptor works in Windows 7 but has been reported to cause the computer to crash when sutting WindPlot down. If this happens, check the "Use Old COM" in the Adj.COMs window with cables unplugged.

What's new in version 7.29?

Improvement: Skewed charts look crisper.
Improvement: Charts center better and is choosing better ranges using Poly Points.
Improvement: Added "D" key will delete a track or mark when the cursor is placed on it.
Improvement: Switch fishing areas via DATA menu v.7.29.5
Improvement: Total fishing areas increased from 8 to 100 v.7.29.3
Improvement: Drag to zoom feature added. Turn on in WINDOW menu by selecting "WINDOW FONTS AND UNITS" and check the "DRAG TO ZOOM" check box. Now drag the mouse arrow anywhere starting at top-right anywhere on the plotter screen in a down and right movement to create a box that it will zoom to when you release the left-mouse button. You can do this several times. Click the "No Zoom" button on the Curso Info readout to return the cursor back to normal.
Improvement: BSB chart button can toggle BSB/Stellwagen charts.
Improvement: East-coast charts force range
Improvement: Now compatible with the new P-Sea MPA Importer. Now that NOAA is providing ALL MPA's on the web, we have come out with a program that will import these files and then convert them to be compatible with P-Sea WindPlot. A link above is provided to download the complete set of boundaries. The Importer program is installed when you install any of the version 7.29 programs.Just look for the icon on your desktop after installing.
Fixed: 1/28/2016 7.29.6 Multi-fishing areas top choice wasn't being saved.
Fixed: 1/12/2016 Default ARPA track color wouildn't save
Fixed: 1/5/2016 Interval timer error fixed.7.29.4
Fixed: 12/2/2015 More skewed chart display improvements
Fixed: 11/25/2015 WindPlot MAX download didn't put a icon on the desktop.
Fixed: Track line setting was not working.
Fixed: Ver.7.29.1 11/24/15: charts not show on certian ranges sometimes.
Fixed: Mini-chart buttons work better.
Fixed: More work on displaying BSB charts better.
Fixed: Data on new track wasn't showing
Fixed: Large amount of tracks would not all copy to a memory stick. Found max files/folder in memory stick is 32,000. 7.29 will now break up tracks into seperate folders. Or use a external hard drive as it won't have this issue.
Fixed: Boundary type color file missing.
Fixed: Errors when running MPA program fixed.
Fixed: Program would hang on some new installs fixed.
Fixed: Discovered max files on flash drive as 3200. Fixed by dividing track files into multiple folders. (will no longer be compatible with older versions.)
Fixed: Charts not on desired range when FORCE THIS RANGE is selected. We found that every other time it wouldn't work right. This range problem was fixed.
Added: P-Sea MPA_Importer program (new icon) to import the thousands of MPA's from NOAA web site.

Install problems

Be sure to give the installer program time to finish. It is common to get a few error messages when installing a and then when first running the newly installed programs. Just try and run it (the installed program) at least twice before reinstalling or calling for help.

3D with Windows 7... If you install WindPlot 3D and it crashes when trying to open the 3D window then download the the following DirectX update file:


Run it and tell it to extract to a "DirectX" folder on the C drive. Then locate the "DirectX" folder using "Computer" and then locate the DXSETUP file inside it and double-click it to make it start then follow the instructions from there. The 3D window should then open after all files are updated.
LORAN-C automatic correction factors (ASF)
When this 7.29 update is installed and running, you should see a "USE ASF" check box on the TD calibration box and in the TD to LL converter located in the OPTIONS menu. Just check this and it will ask for an activation code. Purchase the code and enter it here. Then, you will be using ASF when the box is checked and using your old calibrations when it is not checked. Compare them now before Loran-C is shut down.. We believe the ASF corrections to be almost as close as the calibrated values for working offshore (NOTE: Errors will incease in ASF corrections as you get close to land.)
If you never see any message or the WindPlot II program starts but quits right away and the THREED32.OCX register described above didn't work then try the following:
Reinstall the program this way:
Use Windows Explorer to find the folder named "WpInstall" and open the folder. Right-click on the SETUP??? file and choose "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR". The ??? after setup will depend on the program your installing: P-Sea WindPlotII is "SETUP.EXE", P-Sea WindPlot MAX is "SETUPMAX.EXE", WindPlot 3D is "SETUP3D.EXE" and WindPlot MAX 3D is "SETUP3DMAX.EXE". Then finish reloading the program.
If that fails they search for RUN and open it. Then RUN and enter REGSVR32 /u SAPI.DLL and click on OK
If it does not say the operation was completed successfully then search for SAPI.DLL and copy it to the Windows/system32 folder.
Now enter REGSVR32 SAPI.DLL at windows RUN box and click on OK then try running the program again.

New install problem of no start or OUT OF MEMORY: We have found a file called THREED32.OCX is not registered by windows like it should. Try the following
1) Click on START then choose RUN.
2) Clear it out and enter: REGSVR32 /U THREED32.OCX then click on OK (you may get an error message. that is ok)
3) Now clear out and enter REGSVR32 C:\PC-PLOTT\THREED32.OCX then click on OK(you should get a message that it was successful)
4) Now try WindPlot, it should run now.

File names and dates to be replaced for KEY DRIVER ISSUES:
NVWGC16.DLL 6/13/2001 168,456 bytes
HINSTALL.EXE (4.65) 11/9/2001 1,174,534 bytes (Not used anymore)
HINSTALL.EXE (4.96) 3/21/2005 3,936,000 bytes (Not used for Vista!)
If you still can not get the keys to work, make sure there are no other copies of these files anywhere in your system with earlier dates.
Rainbow key users will have to upgrade to the latest key to get WindPlot to work in XP or 2000pro!
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