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Key Driver download page

Version 7.80 installer for Windows XP,Vista,7,8 & 10

Driverless keys numbers greater than 8000

WpKeyAssist.exe To check if your keys are working download and run.

DvrLesKeyDLL.exe To update the driverless key DLL (if your key test ok with t he assist, this should fix it.

Drivers for keys numbers less than 8000

(NOTE: Navionics keys will not work on 64 bit computers.)
Take the key out and exit out of all programs.

2) Make sure User Account Control is turned off if you have Windows Vista, 7 or 8 (Leave it on for win 10) BEFORE installing.

3) Run this file first to clear out any previously installed drivers (At DOS screen press Y then ENTER..it is normal that may not remove all files.) You should get a ##% as it removes the drivers.


4) Run this file to install the new drivers. It may take a few minuites, be sure to wait at least 5 minutes even if the progress bar stops in the middle. If key still does not work then try 2nd method below.


Place the key in, it may take a few minutes for the key to install the first time.

2nd method instructions for key driver.

1) Download and unzip the driver to your computer to the Windows System32 folder. Click HERE

2) RUN Haspdinst.exe with the command prompt as:

haspdinst -purge

(Hint: Type in RUN at the windows 8.1 start up screen)

It will take some time to uninstall the old drivers and once done, it will prompt you.

3) Install the latest drivers with the command as:

haspdinst.exe -i

Then, if all that fails try installing the key diagnostic program:
AKSDIAG.EXE Download this file so that it can be used to install a program that will test if a key is working or not.

If you are running WindPlot in multiple directories then look at the number of the key on the back of your computer. For key numbers smaller than 3000, you will need to copy the file NVWGC16.DLL in your PC-PLOTT directory to your WINDOWS/SYSTEM DIRECTORY to get all programs to see the key.
(NOTE: Keys less than 3000 will not work on 64 bit computers so they will only work on 16 and 32 bit computers.)


key driver download Older versions of our Key drivers updates for Windows 7,8,10, Vista, XP, and 98se.

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