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-NOTE: Use 7.33.22 FULL INSTALL if current version is older than 7.28

P-Sea WindPlot 7.33.22 Updates only (Use only to update 7.28.x or better or do the 7.33.22 full install first)

This is a self extracting file, just download and un-zip these files directly to the working P-Sea WindPlot folder (the default is PC-PLOTT) for the latest developments-close all programs before running updates.

CD733.exe P-Software complete 7.33.22 Update only 8/31/2017
ERROR MESSAGE > "OUTPUT FILE COULD NOT BE CREATED" If you get this message then you need to open "My COMPUTER" and view the files on the "C" drive. Find the PC-PLOTT folder and right-click on it, select "PROPERTIES", un-check the "READ ONLY" box and click on "APPLY". Then try unzipping the files, it should work now.
What's new in version 7.33.22?

Improvement: Drag to zoom feature added. Turn on in WINDOW menu by selecting "WINDOW FONTS AND UNITS" and check the "DRAG TO ZOOM" check box. Now drag the mouse arrow anywhere starting at top-right anywhere on the plotter screen in a down and right movement to create a box that it will zoom to when you release the left-mouse button. You can do this several times. Click the "No Zoom" button on the Curso Info readout to return the cursor back to normal.
Improvement: Bathy.:Zoom past maximum bathy.range and now displays BSB Nav.charts.
Improvement: Thumbnail function now work with Stellwagen charts.
Improvement: East-coast charts force range
Improvement: Now compatible with the new P-Sea MPA Importer. Now that NOAA is providing ALL MPA's on the web, we have come out with a program that will import these files and then convert them to be compatible with P-Sea WindPlot. A link above is provided to download the complete set of boundaries. The Importer program is installed when you install any of the version 7.29 programs. Jus look for the icon on your desktop after installing.
Fixed:>/B>7.33.8 BATHYMETRIC CHARTS: All prior versions 7.33 have issue with showing and ranging bathymetric charts. If you have any version 7.33.0 - 7.33.7 then run the update below or call for a CD to be sent to you.
Fixed: AIS button on tool bar not working
Fixed: Cursor issues with zooming in and out.
Fixed: 12/2/2015 skewed charts display improved
Fixed: Mini-chart buttons work better.
Fixed: More work on displaying BSB charts better.
Fixed: Data on new track wasn't showing
Fixed: Large amount of tracks would not all copy to a memory stick. Found max files/folder in memory stick is 32,000. 7.29 will now break up tracks into seperate folders. Or use a external hard drive as it won't have this issue.
Fixed: Boundary type color file missing.
Fixed: Errors when running MPA program fixed.
Fixed: Program would hang on some new installs fixed.
Fixed: Discovered max files on flash drive as 3200. Fixed by dividing track files into multiple folders. (will no longer be compatible with older versions.)
Fixed: Charts not on desired range when FORCE THIS RANGE is selected. We found that every other time it wouldn't work right. This range problem was fixed.
Added: P-Sea MPA_Importer program (new icon) to import the thousands of MPA's from NOAA web site.

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