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Windows 10 information

7/31/2015: First comments on Windows 10
Windows 10 seems to start up almost as slow as Vista. Give a minute or two even if it looks like it is ready. We found it will run our latest software without any modifications. It has a much better user interface, even better than Windows 7 in our opinion. You should use the Windows 8.1 key driver if needed.
You still should turn the USER ACCOUNT CONTROL OFF. To do this in Windows 10: 1) Click the Windows start button in the lower left.
2) Click on SETTINGS.
3) Click on FIND A SETTING.
4) Type in UAC
6) Drag the lever down to NEVER NOTIFY.
7) Click on OK.
8) Click on YES to allow the change then install WindPlot.

Do NOT UPGRADE to Windows 10!, there is a good chance that there are not all of the drivers for your computer ready yet. If you really want to upgrade we strongly recommend checking with the company that makes you computer to see if the have all of the Windows 10 drivers.

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