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WPmanual.pdf P-Sea WindPlot II 7.23 manual in PDF format

WP727FEA2.pdf WindPlot version 7.27 new features.

WP725FEA.pdf WindPlot version 7.25 new features.

WP724FEA.pdf WindPlot version 7.24 new features.

WP722_723FEA.PDF 7.22 and 7.23 P-Sea WindPlot II improvments

Ver719_721.PDF 7.19 to 7.21 P-Sea WindPlot II improvments

7.17 Features PDF 717 feature & instructions document

Manual 3D Op Guid.pdf Complete guide to 3D operation in P-Sea WindPlot

AIS_Guide723.pdf Instructions on how to setup and opterater AIS in P-Sea WindPlot.

LoranCalProcedure.pdf Instructions on how to make WindPlot TD's match another TD readout.

BtmBldr_New.pdf New Bottom Builder instructions document

FishFinder_Guide_723.pdf Sounder instruction PDF manual


Navionic_Chart_Guide.pdf New Navionic chart guide

RadarOp.pdf P-Sea Radar guide

CustAlarmZoneInst.pdf How to make custom radar alarm zones.

CmapInstall.pdf C-Map installation instructions

CmapGuide.pdf C-Map chart guide
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