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Navionics Charts for P-Sea WindPlot II

With P-Sea WindPlot II version 7.25 or better, you can display improved Naviconics Vector Charts.
Updates are free from this web site in the downloads section or for those with versions 6.77 or older, upgrades are available for just $100.

Now (2011) works from any CF card reader.

FEATURES: (Click to see sample)
US chart Coverage
Navigation Photo overlay w/vector chart blending (Platinum only)
Sizable Print and icons
Night Colors:
Depth Highlighting
Panoramic Photos of harbors (Platinum only)
Tides with pritable Hi/Low tide tables

Navionics Chart Coverage (PDF) brochure (? KB)

Depths can also be shown in feet, fathoms or meters.
Charts are made in layers so that any item on the charts can be turned on or off so you can reduce clutter if needed.
Charts are proviced on Flash Memory cards, just plug provided card reader in a USB slot...it is that simple!

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