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3D Warning on new computers

If you are looking at getting a new computer and you ether have or are going to get a 3D program then we suggest getting one with Windows 7 or Windows 8 in either 32 or 64 bit. If you want XP then get an older computer (pre-Vista). We believe that the manufacturers are (were) downgrading Vista computer to XP due to popular demand. In doing so, the 3D hardware component can not be fully compatible since it was designed for DirectX 10 (the 3D engine) But DirectX 10 will not work in XP as it was designed specificlly for Vista or Windows 7. In testing a XP downgrade we found that the 3D images had a digital pattern overlaid on the 3D picture. The specific model we tested that didn't work was the ACER Travel Mate model 5720-6722. If anyone has tried a Vista to XP downgrade and didn't experience any problems then we would appreciate a call or email to let us know.

OR it may be the new Intel 3D model 965 graphics chip set is not fully compatible with our software.

Most likely though we feel it is the issue with the Vista/Windows 7 Downgrade to XP.

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