BSB's NOAA and NDI chart lists

The BSB story
Many years ago, NOAA began a project to digitize there library of paper charts. They decided it would be best to let a private organization distribute the digital charts as long as certain guidelines were met so as to ensure high accuracy and availability. At first Better Boating also known as BSB was given the award of distribution. In late 1997, Maptech purchased these rights and through its exclusive NOAA partnership, Maptech is licensed to create and market electronic versions of NOAA's full suite of 1016 official nautical charts in the BSB format. The charts, available on 20 Regional CD-ROMs and floppy diskettes are accurate, high-quality, raster images scanned from the film transparencies used to make the original NOAA paper charts. The cooperative research being performed by BSB and NOAA has resulted in more advanced electronic raster chart products with superior image quality and functionality than previously available. BSB charts are now distributed by MapTech.
Relationship BSB to P-Sea WindPlot
Radar-Communications has incorporated the BSB electronic charts into P-Sea WindPlot. We carry ALL CD's in stock and ready to ship with our programs. See below for geographical locations each CD covers or text list by chart number and name.
Graphical picture of CD loacations (53K)
List of charts by number and name (Text)
ALL Charts are currently available!

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