Bathymetric Charts List for the East Coast

The charts listed below are produced by Radar-Communications by using a flat bed scanner. These charts will appear in the background of your plotter and will look exactly like the original paper chart. A flatbed scanner and program is available for $895. that will allow you to make your own raster charts.

The cost for each chart produced by P-Sea Software Co. is $49.95 US dollars.
They are available on either CD or floppy.

Scale is 1:250,000 and depths are in meters for all charts unless otherwise noted
   #		Description			Type
65		Beaufort(Scale=1:100k)		B&W
66		Bangor.(1:100k) 		B&W
67		Petit Manan Pt..(1:100k)	B&W
68		Bar Harbor.(1:100k) 		B&W
69		Augusta (1:100k) 		B&W
70		Matinicus .(1:100k) 		B&W
71		Bath .(1:100k) 			B&W
104		York .(1:100k) 			B&W
L105		Baltimore(1:100k)		B&W
L106 		Washington E.(1:100k) 		B&W
107		Washing W. .(1:100k) 		B&W
108		Fredericksburg .(1:100k)	B&W
109		Leonardtown .(1:100k) 		B&W
L110		New York SE(1:100k)		B&W
L111		Hudson C.NE(1:100k)		B&W
L112		Hudson C. NW(1:100k) 		B&W
L113		Hudson C. SW (1:100k)	 	B&W
L114		Hudson C. SE (1:100k)	 	B&W
L151		Wilmgtn C.NW (1:100k)	 	B&W
L153		Wilmgtn C.NE (1:100k)	 	B&W
L154		Wilmgtn C.SW (1:100k)	 	B&W
L155		Bltimor RiseNW(1:100k)		B&W
L157		Chincoteague  (1:100k) 		B&W
L158		Norfolk Cyn. (1:100k)		B&W
LM159		Norfolk Cyn S  (1:100k) 	B&W
L164		Fenwick Shoal (1:100k) 		B&W
F5		Beaufort(1:100k)		Color			
F17		Sanibel	(1:100k)		Color	
F18		Charlotte Hbr(1:100k)		Color
F73		Kittery(scale1:100k)		Color
F74		Gloucester(1:100k)		Color
F75		Long Is.East(1:100k)		Color
F77 		Long Branch(1:100k)		Color
F86		Sarasota(1:100,00)		Color
F99		New Haven(1:100k)		Color
F101		Provincetown(1:100k)		Color
F102		Chatham (1:100k)		Color
F103		Siasconset (1:100k)		Color
L166		Cape May   (1:100k)      	B&W
             (SCALE ALL REST ARE 1:250,000)	
NL19-12		Eastport (Fundy Bay)		B&W 
NL19-11		Bangor				B&W
NK19-1		Portland			B&W
NK19-2		Bath				B&W
NK19-3		Jordan Basin			Color
NK19-4		Boston				B&W
NK19-5		Cashes Ledge			Color
NK19-6		Browns Bank			Color
NK20-4		Baccaro Bank			Color
NK19-7		Providence			B&W
NK19-8		Chatham				Color
NK19-9		Corsair Canyon			Color
NK20-7		Fundian Rise			Color
NK18-9		Hartford			B&W
NK18-12		New York			B&W
NK19-10		Block Island Shelf		Color
NK19-11		Hydrographer Canyon		Color
NK19-12		Lydonia Canyon			Color
NK20-10		Stewart				Color
NJ18-1		Baltimore			Color
NJ18-2		Wilmington			Color
NJ18-3		Hudson Canyon			Color
NJ18-4		Washington			Color
NJ18-5		Salisbury			Color
NJ18-6		Wilmington Canyon		Color
NJ18-7		Richmond			Color
NJ18-8		Chincoteague			Color
NJ18-9		Baltimore Rise			Color
NJ18-11		Currituck Sound			Color
NJ18-12		Hyman				Color
NJ19-1		Block Canyon			Color
NJ19-2		Veatch Canyon			Color
NJ19-3		Bear Seamount			Color
NJ19-4		Heezen Plateau			Color
NJ19-5		Powell				Color
NJ19-6		Muller				B&W
NJ19-7		Jones				Color
NJ19-8		Uchupi				B&W
NJ19-10		Wilmington Valley		B&W
NJ20-1		Balanus Seamount		Color
NI17-9		Georgetown			Color
NI17-11		Savannah			Color
NI17-12		James Island			Color
NI18-1		Rocky Mount			Color
NI18-2		Manteo				B&W
NI18-3		Wraight				Color
NI18-4		Beaufort			Color
NI18-5		Russell				Color
NI18-6		Hatteras Ridge			B&W
NI18-7		Cape Fear			Color
NI18-8		Marmer				Color
NI18-9		Lanier				B&W
NI18-10		Richardson Hills		Color
NI18-11		Wittman				Color
NI18-12		Tibbet				B&W
NI19-1		Lippold				B&W
NI19-4		Evans				B&W
NH16-9		Tallahassee			Color?
NH17-2		Brunswick			Color
NH17-3		Hoyt Hills			Color
NH17-5		Jacksonville			Color
NH17-6		Stetson Mesa			Color
NH17-8		Daytona Beach			B&W
NH17-9		Adams				Color
NH17-11		Orlando				B&W
NH17-12		Pillsbury			Color
NH18-1		Harrington Hill			Color
NH18-2		Taylor				Color
NH18-4		Blake Spur			Color
NH18-7		McAlinden Spur			Color
NG17-2		Fort Pierce			Color
NG17-3		Walker Cay			Color
NG17-5		West Palm Beach			Color
NG17-6		Bahamas				Color
NG17-8		Miami				Color
NG17-9		Bimini				Color
NG17-11		Key West			Color
NG17-12		Andros				Color

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