3-D Bottom View Picture example

P-Sea WindPlot II 3D is a product that uses a collection of digital depth data from your depth sounder and/or our digital data base and current 3D technology to generate a true motion three dimensional view of the bottom as seen below.

3D option demo Demo_3D.exe (approx. 111 Mega bytes) See how our 3D option works.

(Click HERE for more 3D info) or (more pics) See computer requirements below.

P-Sea WindPlot II 3D
Pent.4 or Duo-core processor
Most any 3D video card
At least DirectX version 8.1 (Supplied with program)
3Gi or more of RAM

P-SeaBed Builder Option - create your own 3D!
We have the most accurate bottom builder for the cost and don't fall for the words "Real Time" fool you. We know it sounds real nice but anyone that says they can build accurate 3D in real time using a standard depth sounder is talking like a politician! You must take in for swell height, roll, pitch and tide. Taking "Real time" without the proper gear ends up in a very lumpy and unusable bottom. We choose allow the user to "Rebuild" the bottom after just a few passes in a area and you get a more accurate bottom view. This is because the computer has gathered a collection of data to work with. It filters out swell height by averaging. It takes data from all passes and calculates "Interpolates" what it should be without fancy paravanes or sidescan sonars. With interpolation, you do not have to imagine what the bottom looks like where there is no data as it fills in the gaps until enough data is gathered. We also have filters that can reject sudden changes in depth caused when one has lost the bottom or goes over bait schools.

(NOTE: The jury is still out on just what speed of computer is really needed so yours may work fine. We have a working demo available that can be used to test the 3D compatibility your current computer. You must have WindPlot II ver.7.xx to use demo)

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