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Price List

Part #                	PROGRAMS  			            	              List Price
392	P-Sea WindPlot II/MAX for Windows 98, 2000,ME, XP, Vista, 7 & 8 		$895.00
	  Includes 10' 9 pin serial** interface I/O cable, manual
	  keyboard overlay, program CD & parallel or USB key
	  Please specify if 25 pin serial or USB key substitution is needed.
        (**If USB port, then Pt#1912 also required)
196	P-Sea WindView II Home version							$295.00
        (Same as P-Sea WindPlot II/Max, but without external Nav. hookup)
377	P-Sea Radar Stand-alone software.						$595.00
376	P-Sea Radar w/ARPA Stand-alone software				     $1,095.0
 31	P-Sea Chart Scanner for Windows - Twain compliant program only.			$495.00
223	Upgrade 16 bit WindPlot to P-Sea WindPlot II 32 bit 				$195.00
	  Works with either Navionics,P-Sea and driverless keys. 
	  Requires key exchange for those that have Rainbow keys.
	  See Accessories for price of key exchange. 
277	Upgrade from WindView II  to WindPlot II or Max					$700.00
	  Includes 10' 9 pin  I/O cable & prog. CD. Manual NOT included! 
	  Requires return of key for recoding. 
150	Upgrade from DOS Plotter to P-Sea WindPlot II or Max				$600.00
	  Includes new manual and program CD. 
	  Requires return of original IceLock security key.
555	Upgrade from P-Sea WindPlot II to P-Sea WindPlot MAX (Req. to display C-map)	$0.00

Part #                        CHARTS                        		  	 	List Price
2166	Regional 3D Database 								$349.00
        (on CD, serialized to program and sold in similar BSB area coverage)
 674	Major P-Sea Vector charts with depth contours         				 $49.95
1794	P-Sea Bathymetric raster charts(Specify Serial #)				 $49.95
1792	Upgrade Bathy. charts to new higher resolution. Ver.6.77+ required.		 $14.95
 675	Navionics XL9 Gold+ Vector Charts -(Card reader no longer required)		$199.95
2181	BSB/NOAA USA raster charts on CD ROM (40 to 80 charts sold by region)		 $99.95
2184	SoftChart USA raster charts on CD ROM (Similar to older BSB chart regions)	N.L.A.
1964	Scan 12"x17" maximum size paper plot sheets- Minimum quantity 10 per order	$10./sheet
2170    C-Map MAX Wide charts for P-Sea WindPlot MAX					$199.00

Part #                  ACCESSORIES                  	        			List Price
356	Koden CVB20A 1kw dual-frequency Black Box Ethernet depth sounder module		$395.00 Reduced
357	P-Sea FishFinder opton (P-Sea WindPlot II/Max ver.7.15+ is required)   		$295.00 
359	P-Sea FishFinder stand-alone software (P-Sea WindPlot NOT required)		$395.00 
341	P-Sea WindPlot II 3D option  							$795.00
	  (includes choice of 1 Regional 3D database/$695. without 3D database)
342	3D P-SeaBed Builder option 							$395.00 
	  (requires the P-Sea WindPlot II/Max 3D option Pt#341)
323	P-Sea Radar option(for P-Sea WindPlot II/Max only)				$495.00
	Purchase any Koden RADARpc antenna. Recommend using compass input.
324	P-Sea Radar with ARPA 								$995.00
	 (same as above but includes ARPA vessel tracking system)
185	Digital Fluxgate Compass Azimuth 1000 by KVH					$395.00
318	Security 25 Pin to USB key exchange (must return old key)               	$179.00
	  (required for WindPlot II/MAX upgrade or defective replacement)
	  (Shorter key is available that will avoid breakage for +$10.00)	
327	4kw 48 mile Koden RADARpc 3.5' open array sensor w/Ethernet conn.*		$2995.00
352	AIS black box receiver by Sitex. 						$399.00
	  Has GPS passthrough, no extra serial port required	
362	AIS Tracking Interface Software OPTION(P-Sea WindPlot II 7.11+ required) 	$125.00
344	ASF software option (Loran-C automatic calibration-for WP ver.7.22 or better	 $50.00
1004	P-Sea WindPlot operators manual (newly revised - blue cover)			 $45.00
1933 	Tide Forecaster option for WindPlot 						 $50.00
2051	American Pioneer and JRC Bottom Classification interface option 		$300.00
	  (Also reqired for CVB20A if want to record hardness in track)
 676	Navionics chart card reader (Free w/any NEW WindPlot II & chart purchase)	$49.95
1377	Extra 4 conductor wire for RS232 I/O cable.					$.75/ft.
1753	RS232 connection I/O cable - 6 ft. standard length				 $95.00
	  One cable comes standard with plotter program that translates information
	  from the NAV. device to computer. To interface another piece of electronic
	  gear with the plotter Program (i.e. fathometer, temp. gauge, etc. for speed
	  and/or temp.), you will have to purchase an additional one of these 
	  cables, or see below multiplexer.
210	Noland AM3 four port USB multiplexer with fast AIS input			$329.95
2209	Tripp-Lite USB to 9 pin serial port I/O converter 				 $59.95
	  (required if using USB port for serial ports)	  
1019	Keyspan USB to 9 pin serial port I/O converter 					 $69.95
1018	Keyspan 4-poet USB to 9 pin serial port I/O converter 				$139.00
1001	Piny 8 gig memory stick/flash drive						  $9.95
24	GPS Navigation Rcvr. Model#BU-353 with USB connector (Mag.Mount)		 $69.95
     ALL prices subject to change without notice!   2-4-2016

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