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Version 6.77 features
No longer testing.

Higher resolution Bathy charts

ALL bathy charts have been scanned again at more that twice the DPI as before. We also revamped the display method as well. No more black holes. Multi-level scans greatly improving zooming in and out.

NOAA chart overlay.

See both bathy and regular navigation BSB charts at same time. Both charts are supper imposed over each other. This will place the NOAA depths and other features on top of the BATH charts!

SoftChart compatibility!

Version 6.77 will display most SoftChart navagational charts.

Other features include Safe Mode, Output in Dead Reckoning mode, Insta-Zoom chart buttons, Favorite settings saver, more shortcut buttons in cursor box, TD overide, Save Marks and Tracks by range, Improved self-centering, Multi-Color track limit spread setup and True bearing only mode.

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