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Version 7.08 (P-Sea WindPlot II) features

P-Sea WindPlot 1 users NOTE: This is considered an upgrade from any version less than 7.0x at a list price of $100.00 USD. A key (dongle) exchange is NOT required for Navionics or P-Sea keys. Ask your local P-Sea Dealer for details.
Koden Ethernet Radar Interface Introducting a new Ethernet Radar interface that will work with the Koden 4kw RADARpc dome or larger antennas (existing RS422 interface users can get a eithernet black box upgrade). This provides for more function besides all the old functions (like ARPA tracking and Radar-Chart overlay); Real Mode display showing the actual live sweep, dual-range, dual-monitor and a fast 48 rpm antenna sweep just to mention a few.
Electronic Logbook
NOAA Fisheries Cooperative Research Partners Initiative (CRPI) has requested P-Sea Software to add a electronic logbook to the P-Sea WindPlot II program. This logbook will be available to all users of P-Sea WindPlot II. Some features of this logbook are: Catch, Effort and Utilization pages, current Moon phase and tides are recoded. Depth is also recoded if connected to a depth sounder or 3D is installed. There is also a ACR temperature probe interface built in the Logbook as well. It just completing the testing phase now.

Electronic Voice
New Microsoft electronic voice now announces all help menus and more. There are several male and female voices to choose from, depending on your computer platform.
P-Sea Bridge Watch
Set a password for the captain then enter in the number of minutes of the watch. A display counts down the minutes in one corner of the plotter window. The operator needs to click the RESET button before the 20 minutes in order to reset the countdown. A visual alarm flashes the last minute and then a the digital voice wakes the captian.
US FISHING ZONES for Boundary Builder Fred Kyle of NOAA has provided P-Sea Software Co. with the US fishing zones in a form that works in WindPlot II Boundary Builder. This version of 7.08 will automatically install these in any new program (requires the first 11 boundaries to be empty).
ECC Globe Mark Import ECC Globe Mark Import has been added to the Mark Search & Edit of WindPlot II.
Note: Version 7.07 was suppose to be out with a Navionics chart capability. Navionics has not been able to supply charts for P-Sea Software Co. so we skipped to version 7.08.

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