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P-Sea WindPlot Version 7.17 features

7.17 Features PDF 717 feature & instuctions document

P-Sea WindPlot 1 users NOTE: This is considered an upgrade from any version less than 7.0x at a list price of $100.00 USD. A key (dongle) exchange is NOT required for Navionics or P-Sea keys. Ask your local P-Sea Dealer for details.
Fill picture
Boundary Maker now can fill a boundary with color and display it's name on screen

New option in Boundary Builder allows you to color the inside area of a boundary with the color of the boundary line.

This should help to prevent one from unknowingly entering a closed area. The name of the boundary will also now appear inside the boundary as well.

New night view option turns charts red
We added a red shade to the night colors for charts.
Size adjustment added to tool bar
After many requests we have finnaly made the tool bar's size adjustable!

Advanced Button added to WindPlot's SR Startup Box
This selects between the normal window where you put your start up code (serial number) or an expaned window that lets you add as many as 8 different fishing areas. Just click on NEW and enter the name for the new fishing area. After selecting the name, you just need to click on the area to start it up.
It also has a new check box that will automatically launch any combination of Plotter, 3D, Radar and FishFinder automatically.

7.17 fixes:
Radar overlay improved.
C-Map chart display detail improved.

Full description of Ver. 7.17 features in PDF format Version717.PDF (approx. .3 MB)

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